Training Schedule

To support your use of the toolkits, we offer the following:

  • 2-3 hour toolkit overview to help decision-makers in organizations and districts to assess if their organization/school is ready to take on the concepts of the toolkit.
  • 7-8 hour training for a team of facilitators from your organization/school. The team should include at least one administrator and 2-3 staff who will facilitate the use of the toolkit resources by leaders and staff.
  • “Office Hours” for implementation coaching: open conference-phone calls scheduled throughout the year.
  • Email and phone support as requested by trained facilitation teams.

We have some Facilitation Team Training scheduled! Please consider registering a team.

Toolkit Facilitation Team Training:

Toolkit Overview:

Office Hours for implementation coaching – Schools and Health and Human Services Toolkit (local and national callers welcome): Call into the conference line 262-646-1000 passcode 021-3277#
The last Tuesday of every month office hours will be from 8:30-9:30am Central Time. Please join the call!

If you are one of the many out of state folks who recently signed into the toolkit, WELCOME and please feel free to contact us to discuss how to move the work forward in your organization/region.